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LS Technologies specializes in custom manufactured Gas Charged Lift Supports / Gas Springs. We can design to your specifications for applications in, Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Office and Health Care industries. We also stock a wide variety of stock gas springs which can be ordered in any force required.

The team at LS Technologies takes pride in providing custom gas spring solutions to many industries. Specializing in solutions to problems with incorrectly pressured gas springs, we can currently claim to be the only company to provide custom manufacturing of gas lift supports fitted to applications from automotive to industrial equipment, hospital beds to office chairs.

LS Technologies can also provide a cost-effective solution over replacement by re-pressuring your gas charged lift supports / gas springs fitted in applications, large or small, in all spheres of industry.

We Specialize in compression type gas charged lift supports / gas springs.
We are capable of reconditioning and adjusting the force output of almost any gas spring.
We manufacture Custom Gas Springs for rare, obsolete or specific application requirements.
Custom manufacturing of gas springs for testing in proto type design applications.
We carry a wide selection of new gas springs available in any pressure to fit any applications.
Automotive, industrial, agricultural, office chairs, recreational vehicles, photocopiers and more.
All our products and services are available with a timely turnaround to help you with your projects that require immediate attention... large and small.

Gas Springs and Dampers for all applications  
  • Automotive Hood Props (Hood Struts/Hood Supports)
  • Trunk, Gate & Hatch Lift Supports
  • Locking gas springs for all types of adjustable chairs
  • Bus, Truck & Aircraft Cargo door gas springs
  • Truck Bed Tonneau covers
  • Tool Boxes, Lids & Access Panel Covers
  • Recreation & Specialty Vehicles
  • Industrial & Agricultural Equipment
  • Printing Presses
  • Photo Copier covers
  • Utility, Travel and Cargo Trailers
Threaded End
Threaded End

Metal Ball Joint End
Plastic Ball Joint
Plastic Ball Joint

Stainless Steel

We have the ability and expertise to engineer gas-springs to meet the requirements of each customer. Gas springs can also be manufactured as per the customer's unique specifications.

We welcome your special / odd / small and high volume requirements. We will respond to all enquiries in a timely fashion.

Email us or use our contact form for your enquiry. Ask about our polished stainless steel lifts for that unique look, corrosive environments or food grade equipment.

If you are looking for replacements for Spring Lift gas springs we can help. We can provide replacements for gas springs manufactured by Spring Lift / Lift Easy / Easy lift and many others.

LS Technologies will supply you with the correct lift support you need saving you valuable time and money. We can provide many of your gas lift supports needs with our mobile service in the Saskatoon Saskatchewan area.

CONTACT US - We look forward to hearing from you.