Listed below are some testimonial letters from our clients. As you read these you will see that we are committed to quality work & customer service.

If you have a comment you would like to make to us please contact us at feedback@lstechnologies.ca.  We would like to extend a special thank-you to all our clients for your patronage.

Eugene Swensen

“Dear LS Tech: When I attempted to source gas-filled hood lift struts for my 1990 Chrysler TC Maserati, I couldn’t find anything in the distribution system acceptable in price and delivery. Then I found the LS Technologies web site. What a relief! Your technical support and encouragement was a welcome change from the usual corporate telephone ‘robot’ assistance centers. Dealing directly with a knowledgeable supplier is indeed rare these days. Your help allowed me to place my order with confidence and with no worry about meeting the requirements of form, fit, and function. When the struts arrived, I followed your instructions and the struts snapped into place in just seconds. Thank You Sincerely! What a pleasure it is for me to do business with a helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and competitively priced source. I will give the highest possible recommendation of LS Technologies to anyone wishing to source gas-filled lift struts. Thanks again for a totally pleasant purchasing experience. Respectfully. Eugene Swensen”


“Received my Hood Strut Kit from Steve (LS Technologies) yesterday. It’s a very nice looking & operating Kit. The installation is fairly straight forward, along with some common sense. I recommend them to anyone with a 2003 or 2004 SSR. I give LST five stars & a pat on the back for this Kit! Thanks, Topcat55”

Laura Zimmerman

“We have a dinosaur of a Tanning bed (an older Style-that is) and the shocks had gone bad very bad they would no longer hold up the lift up side of the tanning bed. This tanning bed is extremely heavy and since they are no longer made of this style, the parts for it were very hard to find. While surfing the net we came across this web site for Lift Support Technologies Custom Gas Springs… http://www.lstechnologies.ca/ Wow, these people are truly Awesome…. They will follow-up with you until you are completely satisfied. Steve and Nolan know exactly what it takes to run a successful business and the key is Customer Service first… Now that’s hard to find these days unfortunately! So we want to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts, just know we appreciate everything you did, and we will definitely recommend your place of business to everyone we know. In Our opinion this Company is rated an A+ the Best place to find True Compassion and Willingness to Serve and Satisfy their customers. If you’re in need of Gas springs, waste no more time searching — you have found the right place For Sure… Thank you kindly Sincerely, Laura Zimmerman”

Vincent DeGregorio

“Dear Steve and Nolan, Thank you so much for repairing the original rear glass gas struts on my 1982 Corvette Collector’s Edition Car. You guys really impressed me with your technical knowledge, abilities and skills. My rear glass hatch was not opening properly and I thought I had no chance of finding a solution due to the age of my car. I was pleasantly surprised with your polite and courteous customer service when I first called to explain my problem. Your words of encouragement prompted me to send the gas struts to you for repair. I was confident you could restore them to their original condition. I also appreciated it when you received the struts and called me to explain your strategy to repair them. I can’t tell how happy I was when I received them back in less then a week and reinstalled them. They work just like they are brand new. When I pull the latch to release the hatch the response is incredible. The glass hatch raises effortlessly to its full height. It is a magnificent display to watch and one that I am quite pleased with. Quite simply they work like a charm!!! Thank you again and please feel free to use my testimony to encourage others to utilize your expertise. Sincerely, Vincent DeGregorio USA”


“To whom it may concern, Gas Spring I own a rare 1936 MERCEDES 500K Special Roadster, factory reproduction of which 46 were made. As one could imagine, it is not easy to find parts for this car. Well I needed new trunk lifts and after searching everywhere and even calling the factories that make these lift supports, I found myself to be completely S.O.L. excuse the expression. Then I found website for L.S. Technologies. Their site claimed to be able to repower any gas charged lift support and or build new ones to your specifications. After looking through their site, I thought yeah right, but alas I decided to give them a call and see what they had to say. After some conversation and emails I figured I had nothing to lose so I sent them one of my old. Well I have to tell you that not only was I very impressed by the personal attention, great communication, and very prompt service that I got, but they made me new trunk lifts with the exact pound force that I required. In this day of “Oh well it says this or that on the computer” or “We don’t show your information in our system” or “ Our system is down or any number of excuses people use when they don’t do their jobs, it is really nice to know that there are still honest people who will give you exceptional service with a smile. Steve bent over backwards and went way above and beyond the call of duty. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. VERY SINCERLY D. BLAESING PASCO, FLORIDA U.S.A.”

Blake Hunter

“LS Technologies: I am an avid car enthusiast who has been building street rods for over forty years. My most recent project is a 1931 Ford, Model ‘A’ Sedan street rod with gull wing doors. In the past I have experienced many difficulties in acquiring a hatch prop that would properly and safely hold up our doors. After searching the Internet I discovered LS Technologies and contacted them and explained to Steven and Nolan my problem with the hatch props. They were very receptive and eager to help solve my problem. They asked me to send one of my hatch props for further investigation. Their professionalism and knowledge allowed me to feel very confident in sending my props. They quickly sent out a set of hatch props to try on my Model ‘A’. Their product was superior, easy installation & aesthetically pleasing! Thank you for your wonderful customer service, excellent & affordable product! Sincerely, Blake Hunter Leamington, ON”

Katherine Rafuse

“Lawrence S. Veinotte Enterprises Limited Wayne asked me to email you and let you know that the gas springs are perfect, they work great. Thank you for your quick response! …. FYI … I did send email to 2 other companies and one replied last Friday and one yesterday, with a 2 – 3 week delivery date… Your service is excellent!! Not only did you call us the same day we sent the inquiry, we have it installed before the other companies replied. Sincerely, Katherine Rafuse Office Manager Crane Rental, Concrete Septic and Holding Tanks, Ready Mix Concrete Your Down To Earth Contractor”

Larry Dawdy / Rob Benar

“I cannot thank you enough for the superb service you gave us on our rush order. To sort out what we wanted over the telephone is never easy. You got all the facts straight, built the shocks and sent them the same day. We received them the morning of the next day. They were installed immediately and work perfectly. I am sorry to have pressured you for such quick delivery but it was a safety factor for us and therefore urgent. With this degree of service we have no need to look any further for our needs in this area. I am certain you will be hearing from us again. Thanks Yours Larry Dawdy / Rob Benar. npg envelope Hamilton, Canada”

Max Berscheid

“Just thought I drop a note on how helpful I found your business to be (LS Technologies). We had customized a 1996 Honda Civic we were installing a Lambo door kit which included gas springs that were far to stiff, it took two hands from the outside of the car with the window open to close (the door). I didn’t know how I was going to fix this. I called LS Technologies who were recommended by a parts supplier of mine. Stephen from LS Technologies custom manufactured two replacement gas lifts with just the right lift (force). Stephen informed me that he could adjust them (gas lifts) anytime for my customer or me. Thanks for all your help. I will highly recommend yourGas Spring company. Max Berscheid PERFECTION PAINT & BODY SASKATOON SASK CANADA”

Ken Marshall

“We at Saskatoon City Hospital have been using the service of LS Technologies for approximately 2 1/2 years. Previous to having their services available we were faced with replacement of gas charged struts by ordering replacements from the original manufacturer. The new concept, which was never before available, used by LS Technologies has proven to be much more cost effective by repairing rather than replacing the gas struts and invaluable in the case of discontinued parts. An added bonus is that the speed and quality of the service supplied is outstanding. We use LS Technologies services on many pieces of equipment in the health care field, to name a few: Office chairs, Therapy tables, Stretchers, etc. Ken Marshall Maintenance supervisor”

Barry Mang, DDS Allison Mang, DMD

“LS TECHNOLOGIES did some work for our office in February and March of 2004, repairing and cleaning chairs and dental stools. We noticed a big difference in the operation of the stools and the chairs. They were accommodating with our schedule, even though our office is open 6 days a week. We would highly recommend this company to any dental office. Yours truly, Barry Mang, DDS Allison Mang, DMD”

M.L. Gruza

“I recently experienced a problem with the lid of my dry mount vacuum press. It is a large piece of equipment with a heavy lid requiring gas lift supports. Over time, the supports that originally came with the press no longer worked. The original manufacturer of the press is no longer in business, which made things a bit more difficult. I tried many different suppliers, from automotive to people within our industry, but no one was able to help me either repair or replace the lift supports. Having spent numerous hours phoning, driving about and then testing incorrect supports, I was finally referred to Stephen Fenner of LS Technologies. I contacted Stephen by phone, he came and examined the press, and within a day my original cylinders were recharged and I was up and running better than before. I was pleased to find that Stephen’s knowledge was superior, rates were very reasonable, and service was excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending LS Technologies to others requiring recharging or replacement of lift supports and solutions to these problems. Sincerely, M.L. Gruza Owner, Collector’s Choice Art Gallery”

Dr. Eunice M Janzen ATCL, DMD

“LS TECHNOLOGIES Please accept this as a letter of high recommendation for LS Technologies. After nearly 20 years of use, some of out dentist and assistant stools would no longer move up and down when we wished to adjust the height of our chairs. Some of the chairs you could adjust, but would slowly sink to their lowest height as the day wore on. All of the dental service companies, including the manufacturer of the chairs (Pelton & Crane and Belmont), advised me that these stools were impossible to fix. I was looking at purchasing a total of 10 new dentist and assistant chairs! Fortunately, I met Stephen LS Technologies. They were able to fix all of my gas charged lift supports (I later found out this is what adjusted my chairs) for a VERY reasonable price compared to the cost of replacing 10 chairs. There service is excellent! LS Technologies picked up my chairs on Friday after work and they were returned, as good as new, Monday morning before my day began. I did not have to “supervise” repairs or wait for them to finish so that I could lock up the office. This pick up/delivery service is very practical and definitely timing saving for me. The follow up care after the work was complete was extraordinary. One week after the chairs were returned, Stephen Fenner came to the office and asked if any of the chairs needed adjusting or “fine-tuning”. One month after, he called to ensure that the chairs were working properly. This is the first repair company that has voluntarily followed up on a repair project in my office. I would highly recommend LS Technologies for any of your chair lift services. Sincerely, Dr. Eunice M Janzen ATCL, DMD”

D.L. Barrie, B.Sc., O.D.

“LS TECHNOLOGIES This is to inform you of our recent experience with Stephen Fenner and LS TECHNOLOGIES. My partner, Lori Robinson, was having trouble with her optometric patient exam chair. Throughout the exam it would gradually lose height which made it very difficult to perform a refraction. Stephen Fenner from LS TECHNOLOGIES examined the chair, and removed it for repair. Within one week the chair was repaired. Imagine my surprise when exactly the same problem occurred with my patient chair the next month. Stephen at LS TECHNOLOGIES was able to repair it as well, and in addition adjusted my examination chair. Stephen made follow-up visits to fine-tune and make any adjustments. We were very pleased with LS TECHNOLOGIES service and expertise and would recommend them highly. Sincerely, D.L. Barrie, B.Sc., O.D. InVision Eyecare Centre DLB/dgy”

Michael R. Leather Janet E. Leather

“This letter is to inform you of the high quality of service that Stephen Fenner of LS Technologies supplies to our automotive service center. Hood and hatch lift supports are a very important part of our customer’s vehicle, but once they become inoperable, they are commonly replaced with a broom handle or hockey stick! One phone call to Stephen and our customer can say goodbye to the broom handle when struggling to check fluid levels under the hood, unload the dog, or remove the weekly groceries from the vehicle. Stephen refills the lift supports on site and makes sure that they are filled to the correct pressure for every application. He is very reliable and courteous, and the start/finish time for each repair is minimal. The refilled supports perform better than new. I would also like to mention that Stephen refilled a set of supports on one occasion that would only have been available from the USA with a minimum 14 day delivery time, plus shipping and express charges! If you enjoy quality service and guaranteed workmanship, call LS Technologies – you will not regret it! Michael R. Leather CEO Janet E. Leather – Office Manager”

Rod Oborowsky

“This letter is to inform you of our satisfaction for the product and customer service we received from LS Technologies. Stephen was able to ascertain that our factory original lift supports were not at the proper pressure. He was also able to help us find a pressure setting to make our photocopier lifts work better. This combination of service and value means that we no longer have to purchase factory original lifts. We have Stephen repair about sixteen lift supports per month and we haven’t had a problem with any of them. For cost savings and quality service, you can’t beat LS Technologies. Sincerely, Rod Oborowsky Copier / Fax Service Manager Central business equipment systems”

D. Lukenchuk, O.D.

“Letter of Testimonial for Stephen Fenner of LS Technologies To Whom It May Concern: Dr. Robinson and myself were having some difficulty with some of our examination chairs in the office. We were told that we would have to replace a chair that would cost anywhere from $4,000 to 5,000 Canadian. Stephen was a patient of mine who examined the chair and felt that it could be repaired. Through his courteous and understanding nature, he took the chair over a weekend. He picked the chair up after my last patient on a Friday and had it returned in excellent operating form Monday before my first patient. His professional fees were very reasonable and the quality of work was of high standard. The chair we had fixed does take a lot of traffic and significant abuse, and has maintained in good shape for approximately a year now. I wish to thank Stephen and his partner for a job well done. Best regards, D. Lukenchuk, O.D.”

William Dyck

“To whom it may concern: This letter is to inform you of our satisfaction for the product and customer service that we received from Stephen Fenner of LS Technologies. Hood, engine cover, and seat lift supports are important to our business, not only to aid in the servicing of our heavy industrial equipment, but also for safety concerns. This product allows our mechanics and equipment operators to safely work on and maintain equipment without the fear of hoods or engine covers coming down on their heads. The factory pressure settings of the lift supports on our skid steer loaders made it difficult to lift seat compartments. Stephen was able to correct this problem by refilling and setting the lift supports to the proper pressure levels. Now the seat compartments can be lifted with very little effort. The service that we received from LS Technologies has never been available to us. Prior to this service, we had to replace all lift supports with new ones which generally had to be ordered in, requiring up to 2 weeks for delivery and only a 90-day guarantee. Stephen provides next day service at a lower cost and a 1-year guarantee. For cost effective and guaranteed service, you can rely on LS Technologies. Sincerely, William Dyck Hamm Construction Ltd. Shop Foreman”