Stainless Steel Gas Springs

We stock some of the finest quality 316 stainless gas springs available.
Stainless steel gas springs are a good options for use in harsh environments, marine, and food processing environments. 
We can manufacture stainless springs with food grade internal lubricant.

Force limits appy to long stroke springs — max force not available in all springs.

6×15 Stainless Steel Gas Springs
6x15 steel gas spring drawing Stroke: 40-250 Extended Length (mm): 152-575 Available Force Range (N,F1): 40-400
8×18 Stainless Steel Gas Springs
8x18 steel gas spring drawing Stroke: 50-385 Extended Length (mm): 175-575 Available Force Range (N,F1): 50-700
10×22 Stainless Steel Gas Springs
10x22 steel gas spring drawing Stroke: 52-500 Extended Length (mm): 182-1237 Available Force Range (N,F1): 50-1000
12×27 Stainless Steel Gas Springs
12x27 steel gas spring list Stroke: 52-610 Extended Length (mm): 182-1320 Available Force Range (N,F1): 100-1800