Custom Gas Spring Charging

Nitrogen Gas Charging Service

We have the expertise and equipment to custom set the charge force in gas springs. In certain situations our recharging services can help.
  • A gas spring or lift support that is in good condition but does not hold. 
  • In certain applications you may want to keep the OEM strut original as possible and keep the original part numbers intact on your collector vehicles. For these applications we can usually repair, modify or provide a new custom manufactured gas spring.
  • Do you require custom force settings to compensate for added accessories or lighter that OEM applications.

If you have a gas spring that needs replacement we would like to hear from you — please contact us.

Visit us at our location.

  • We carry a variety of mounting hardware and brackets for proper mounting of the gas springs to your application.
  • Force testing and adjustment to gas springs while you wait.
  • Personal assistance with design of gas spring applications & opening systems
  • Custom Modifications to Gas Springs & Lift Supports
  • Maintenance & Repair Services to Patient, Assistant, Professional and other types of Chairs & Stools
  • With our extensive stock of components, we are able to fulfill most orders on the same or next day.
If you have any questions please contact us. We aim to impress with customer service. Click here to read Our Client Feedback