Tension Gas Springs


Tension Gas Springs Also known as pull type and traction gas springs, these work opposite to extension gas springs. Similar to a screen door closer, they are used to assist in closing covers, gates, and doors. Tension springs can be configured to have ball socket end fittings with ball studs or eyelet type connections. We recommend the ball and socket connections for mounting as this allows for compensation for misalignment of the connection points. Tension springs do not have a controlled closing speed.

10/27 SERIES Extended Length [A-S] Stroke [S] Compressed Length [C]
STOCK No. mm Inches mm Inches mm Inches
TS27305 301 11.9 100 3.9 201 7.9
TS27405 399 15.7 148 5.8 251 9.9
TS27505 499 19.6 198 7.8 301 11.9
TS27610 605 23.8 252 9.9 353 13.9
TS27685 682 26.9 290 11.4 392 15.4
TS27875 869 34.2 383 15.1 486 19.1

Force Range | 90 – 900N (20 – 200 lb)

Tension gas springs act in the opposite form as a regular gas spring, by always having a tension ( tendency to shorten) force. Please see end fitting section to view available end fittings. Compressed length is the centre – centre length measured with standard 20mm end fittings. Using other end fittings may alter the overall length. Other sizes are available. We can custom manufacture other sizes of tension gas springs. May also be available in stainless steel. Tension gas springs DO NOT have end of stroke damping.